Web Design and Development

Precision & Conventional

C.E.R. is your precision metal fabrication, welding and machining expert. Our commitment is to meet and exceed your requirements with quality fabrication, on-time deliveries and overall excellence

Web Application Development

Design and Build
One of a kind or custom parts.

C.E.R. includes an expert, full-service machining and tooling shop. C.E.R's highly skilled machinists deliver quality projects requiring varied types and sizes of materials, and manufactured to exacting tolerances.

User Interface Design

Engineering & Consulting
Full engineering project support for all jobs

We are ready to serve you and find solutions to your manufacturing problems. Our commitment to excellence always striving to improve our performance and efficiency.


Move low volume production from your shop to ours and reduce your overhead and set/ups.

  • Micro Machining of Precision Parts
  • Precision Machining: +/- .001" Tolerance
  • Jigs, Fixtures, Gauges: - All Types
  • Welding: Oxy/Acetylene, A/C Stick, MIG/TIG
  • Complete functional working assembly's
  • Short Runs

Contact Us

Contact Us

8214 47th Street
Lyons, IL 60534-1715

Phone: (708) 442-9614

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